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Yoga Alliance Professionals, 60-hour Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training starts March 2021

This course is for qualified yoga teachers who have a calling to work with mums, bumps & babies. This course would also allow you to confidently teach pregnant women safely & insured, in your regular classes. Most importantly, you’ll need to be able to teach yoga to bodies that don’t feel like yours. Having had your own children or being female is not a necessity but being able to listen & have empathy for the body’s multiple changes & a real desire to alleviate the aches & pains of building a baby are.

60 Hour Pre & Postnatal Training

The course spans 3 months & you will be able to book 1-2-1 progress meetings with the course tutor throughout the course on zoom & the relationships you make on the course will be long-lasting, as will the support.

The teaching environment is relaxed & non-judgemental, no one way of birthing or parenting is proliferated. The objective of the course is to produce professional yoga teachers who teach interesting yoga & create an enduring support system for families far & wide, through gentle, sensible movement, breathing & connection to each other.

Here's the subjects you will cover:

Yoga Poses & Breath Exercises

The pregnant body, anatomy & physiology

Sequencing safe classes


The importance of props & modifying

Aches, pains & ailments. What we can help with & what we cannot

The postnatal body, anatomy & physiology

The business of pre & postnatal yoga

Why choose this Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Inspired in the first instance to become a yoga teacher thanks to of the pregnancy yoga I practiced on the Fulham Road with Miranda Gates-Flemming in 2009, which was the precursor to a wonderful birth experience & the arrival of my first child Nathanael, I went on to train with Katy Appleton of appleyoga & furthermore, teach pregnancy yoga to mums in East Grinstead, Copthorne, Ardingly, Crawley & local Mid-Sussex with great success for the last 10 years.

This is a 60-hour course which includes antenatal & postnatal yoga, enabling you to teach useful yoga to women who are embarking on perhaps the most important journey of their lives & afterwards, as they take up the mantle of mother. Helpful yoga classes, full of tips, wisdom, movement & breath, which will support them during the ultimate transformation into motherhood.


Lucy Leslie

Lead Teacher
Lucy is a twin mum of three. Having had positive natural & ceasarean births herself, Lucy is an advocate of whatever birth the mother chooses. Preparing for birth is self-care & it is the first step into mothering we take. Good pregnancy yoga classes make sure that we are as prepared, mentally & physically for the day our child is born as we can be.

My Birth Story

I believe, that the yoga I practiced in preparation was the single most important factor giving way to my positive birth experience. When pregnant, at yoga classes, I put all my efforts into attuning with my body, learning how to fuel my birthing-body for the times of great exertion & how to calm myself in between contractions using my breath. I connected with & whispered to my baby in savasanas. I was taught & understood how my body works, I learnt to trust that my body was the exact right body for birthing my baby - my children's souls chose me, they trusted me. At pregnancy yoga I did some uncomfortable things with my toes & imagined contractions, I believed I could remain calm, even when I wasn't sure of outcomes.

As a mother, I will do anything to make my babies safe & protect them, then & now; so will all the women I meet at my classes, often they just need to be reminded of their power & their already fierce love for their unborn child.

I had a caesarean after my natural birth & used similar learnt yoga tools for a calm & spiritual birth. My caesarean produced twins who were breast feeding by 30 minutes later; I trusted & I believed that was possible because pregnancy yoga classes allowed me to believe I could. I share all this in my classes & that’s why my ladies stay with me for the term of their pregnancies, from 14+ to 42 weeks some of them & come back second & third times around!

Postnatally yoga is as important but a bit harder to fit in, for obvious reasons. Having dealt with post-birth surgery for hernias & severe diastasis recti myself after the twins, the message of yoga remains the same. Gentle, regular attention heals, rather than agressive exercise. The breathing we practiced in pregnancy yoga is just as helpful as we learn to feed fussy babies & calm them with our own calm breathing & the pelvic floor exercises are more useful after birth than before! Its all brilliantly designed for mum's self-care in a neat yoga package.

What will be expected of me?

Our Yoga Alliance Professionals approved 60 hour Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training is open to qualified yoga teachers.

Of the 60-hours, 35-hours are face to face & 25-hours are non-contact. For the non-contact hours, you will be asked to read & complete writing assignments. You will be asked to design a four-week pregnancy yoga course & class plans for your postnatal yoga classes. For your final assessment you will be asked to teach observed classes to pregnant & postnatal clients.


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