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Lucy's Leslie, Lead Teacher

Lucy has been practicing yoga for 25+ years & is a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Also a British Wheel of Yoga L4 Diploma Teacher, she is a BWY Children's Yoga teacher, with further qualifications in restorative, pregnancy, postnatal & hot yoga. She has been teaching full classes of local people since 2010 & has a thriving yoga business which supports the physical & mental health of her community.

Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

BWYQ L4 Diploma holder

500 Hours Advanced Teacher Diploma with CamYoga

Director CYTT Ltd, SYT & Studio Owner


Still not sure if it'll be right for you? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send a message.

You don't need to be gymnastic superstar to become a teacher. The teachers who do the best at our studios are those who can teach appropriate yoga for the clientele. Being 'good at poses' is not what we are looking for, we want teachers who can read a room, teach from the heart & get as many people practicing yoga as possible. Being able to do tricky poses is not what makes you a good teacher.

Then this will be ideal for you. There's not enough time in regular class situations to delve deep into all the areas we will look at on the course. Over the year your confidence & understanding of what yoga really is will increase & you may find that teaching is not what you thought it'd be. Similarly, having a deepened connection to anatomy, history & a multitude of poses & methods will only heighten your enjoyment & appreciation of your own practice. So, go for it!

If you have a calling to teach pregnant women, your personal situation is of no consequence. Qualified male yoga teachers are equally welcome. More important is your desire to teach accessible yoga to women whose bodies won't feel like yours, they will have aches & pains & carry extra weight & moving them is a great responsibility. 

Ready to find out more?

"No matter who we are, there's a sense that yoga is a physical act & performance & ability must somehow be part of a teacher training. But it's not.

Personally, I was terrified before I commenced my first training (& subsequent trainings if I'm honest), thinking I wouldn't be good enough. However, the growth & confidence both physical & emotional that has come from understanding what yoga really is & recognising my body as good enough is priceless, that's what our training will impress on all it's trainees."

lucy e16

What does it take to be a good yoga teacher?

A good teacher uses their life experiences & own yoga practice to help others, through simple, appropriate yoga classes, to see that it is our heads that cause us to feel chaotic & stressed - not the unending list of life events. Asana, pranayama & meditation can help us feel less fragmented, more connected & give us respite from the lives we are all frantically living.

Life is busy, it probably always will be, Yoga says we don't have to be dragged around, slaves to our own turbid thinking. Space, stillness & calmness can all be experienced if we are guided by a good yoga teacher. Isn't that why we ultimately become yoga teachers? Because a yoga teacher, one day, explained in asana class something that clicked & changed the way we treated our bodies, or altered our understanding of how to relax.

Doing poses is a tiny part of what yoga is. A really good yoga teacher has he ability to bring about transformation in their clients. Sharing the yoga teachings, so your students can learn how to become centred & to see & manage life events as they really are, with dignity & grace is a privileged job. Teaching yoga is as rewarding for us as teacher as it is for the student who learns to manage anxiety with pranayama or manage a bad back with asana.

So as you ponder whether to take this step remember this, being a good yoga teacher is about passion & heart. We teach for the love of it because we trust the tools that yoga gives us to manage life's fluctuations, so that those moments where everything makes sense & we have clarity, are available more often. We teach to experience freedom, thanks to yoga.

Lucy Leslie

Testimonial CYTT 19-20

"I highly recommend Lucy’s teacher training at Crawley Yoga. The materials provided are in depth but not over complicated. The subjects covered within the yoga sphere are touched upon and talked about with sensitivity, respect and knowledge. The personal experience and the generosity to share it by Lucy has been invaluable. She is astute in making every individual welcome and the training feels personalised. I will carry this year’s learnings forward for the rest of my life. To anyone that isn’t sure, I promise if you commit yourself, this course will change you and evolve your practice in a way a review just can’t explain!" Kate


Testimonial CYTT 19-20

"I have been on a journey with this course. It has developed my yoga experience immensely. My own practice is better and my understanding on how to teach has unfolded. We have been given space to find our own direction. Excellent modules in the history of yoga. Using anatomy online was brilliant as we can cover that remotely then in physical form. Lucy is direct and confident in her delivery. I would highly recommend this course." Lauren

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