About CY Teacher Training

Our 200hr courses are held at our studios in Crawley

...and take place at weekends, making it suitable for parents & those who have weekday jobs to manage alongside. Our enrollees & graduates will be mentored during & after their training, given a space to grow & implement their teaching skills at the studio & encouraged to attend classes for free* for during the course & attend workshops on reduced trainee fees.

Lucy's Qualifications


Lucy has been practicing yoga for 20+ years & is a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Also a British Wheel of Yoga L4 Diploma Teacher, she is a BWY Children's Yoga teacher, with further qualifications in restorative, pregnancy, postnatal & hot yoga. She has been teaching full classes of local people since 2010 & has a thriving yoga business which supports the physical & mental health of her community.

Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

BWYQ L4 Diploma holder

500 Hours Advanced Teacher Diploma with CamYoga

Director & Owner of Crawley Yoga Ltd


Still not sure if we are right for you? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

I'm not very good at all the poses, can I still teach?

You don't need to be gymnastic superstar to become a teacher. The teachers who do the best at our studios are those who can teach appropriate yoga for the clientele. Being 'good at poses' is not what we are looking for, we want teachers who can read a room, teach from the heart & get as many people practicing yoga as possible. Being able to do tricky poses is not what makes you a good teacher.

I don't want to teach but I'd love to deepen my understanding of Yoga, is that OK?

Then this will be ideal for you. There's not enough time in regular class situations to delve deep into all the areas we will look at on the course. Over the year your confidence & understanding of what yoga really is will increase & you may find that teaching is not what you thought it'd be. Similarly, having a deepened connection to anatomy, history & a multitude of poses & methods will only heighten your enjoyment & appreciation of your own practice. So, go for it!

Ready to find out more?

No matter who we are, there's a sense that yoga is a physical act & performance & ability must somehow be part of a teacher training. But it's not.

Personally, I was terrified before I commenced my first training (& subsequent trainings if I'm honest), thinking I wouldn't be good enough. However, the growth & confidence both physical & emotional that has come from understanding what yoga really is & recognising my body as good enough is priceless, that's what our training will impress on all it's trainees. Lucy

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Leslie Kaminoff

Anatomy Teacher
Leslie Kaminoff is an internationally recognised specialist with four decades’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. Your anatomy modules are taught online by Leslie & Amy.

Amy Matthews

Anatomy Teacher
Amy is an international movement teacher, she currently teaches embodied anatomy, developmental movement & yoga workshops for adults in the USA & teaches your online anatomy module.

Joanne Turner

Course Assistant
Jo is a popular & accomplished teacher, with a huge following of local clients in the Mid-sussex area. She has a multitude of yoga qualifications in various methods & disciplines including her 500hrs Advanced teaching diploma.
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Louise Harrison

Course Assistant
Louise is a meditation teacher & long-time practitioner. A former member turned support staff, Louise coordinates trainee submissions & is our CYTT course manager.

What will be expected of me?

Our Yoga Alliance Professionals approved 200 hour training will give you the opportunity to study and practice techniques & philosophy from several traditions; including vinyasa flow, hot yoga, restorative, yin & hatha that you can go on to practice & teach as gentle or moderate to your future students. A prerequisite of two years of practice is required. Training happens at weekends, once a month, for 11 consecutive months.


Yoga Alliance Professionals, the awarding body, requires 20 hours of non-contact hours as part of your training. You will need to attend studio classes in addition to your training hours & develop a home practice that includes the techniques & practices that we study during the course. The studio classes you attend count as your non-contact hours. You will also be asked to review material, practice teaching friends & family, read & complete writing assignments & homework outside of class.