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Yoga Alliance Professionals 200hr Foundation in Teaching Yoga starts September 2021

Group study takes place one weekend per month for 10 months, making it suitable for parents & those who have weekday jobs to manage alongside. Enrollees & graduates are mentored during & after their training, given a space to grow & implement their teaching skills & encouraged to attend classes for free* during the course.


Anatomy with Amy & Leslie includes the study of bones, muscles, joints, breathing, asana, strength & flexibility.  Happily they are delivered with yoga as their focus. Our anatomy training is fun & useful & most importantly, you will understand the teachings & retain the knowledge.

You will watch presentations online, complete worksheets & hand them in, on our weekends together we will go through them. You have access to for the duration of the course.

Being a yoga instructor does not mean you have to know everything – only the basics needed for yoga. You will learn more as you teach & see bodies moving. Here's the subjects you will cover:

1 Building Blocks

2 The Breath

3 Strength, Flexibility & Movement

4 The Spine

5 The Lower Limbs

6 Upper Limbs

7 Anatomy in Asana and Asana Philosophy

8 Anatomy in Asana and Pain & Sensation

9 Anatomy in Asana and Vinyasa

10 Anatomy in Asana and Arm Supports

Why choose this 200hr Training?

There are so many trainings to choose from right now; 100% online courses with studios in other countries are even an option. First, I suggest you take your time & think about what is important to you – speed of getting it done, will you want to teach online or teach face to face? Do you work full-time, does it need to be nearby, do you want to teach a specific type of yoga? Is being aligned with a lineage important to you?

CYTT’s 200hr training is not a quick course; this is a non-lineage course, meaning we aren't following the teachings of any modern day guru, though we do look at several lineages for reference. Instead we use the teachings of Patanjali as explained by Desikachar for our guide. This course takes 9 months & you graduate in the 10th month, exactly because moving bodies & sharing ageless wisdom is a big responsibility. Your confidence when delivering classes to people who trust you, is vitally important. You can only call yourself a teacher if you have students & students only come back, when they feel safe & the yoga is interesting & inspired. Therefore, I have designed a course that delivers in detail all the areas I wasn’t sure about when I went out there to teach my first classes, 10 years ago, as well as all the anatomy & physical yoga you'd expect.

It’s a good idea to come to the studio & take some classes with myself & my colleagues, some of whom are my graduates. We teach at Lake View Yoga studio in Crawley Down & have 100s of loyal, long-term students & a friendly, down to earth atmosphere. My respect for these ancient teachings, means myself & my teachers are careful not to appropriate the cultures & practices which carry deep meaning to so many. Similarly, if we’re going to use the term ‘yoga’ at all, we must consider the irony of using a name which is 5000 years old & absolutely describes an ancient spiritual practice of self-realisation [which works] & then discourteously discounting Sanskrit or calling the practices ‘dogmatic’. We have a responsibility to use terms & practices correctly & with real understanding. It's yoga or it's not.

In conclusion, this course will suit you if you have your own mind, your own practice & you want a place to expand both. I will not teach you what to teach, instead I will teach you how to be safe & communicate the yoga you already love to others. You won’t leave with a sequence that I insist you teach everywhere you go. You will know how to class plan, set yourself up in business, run online classes, how to maintain boundaries & apply more principles of yoga than just ahimsa, to your own conduct professionally & beyond.

You already love Yoga, you’ve experienced growth & transformation because of your practice & now you want to share that. This course just might be your steppingstone to successful yoga teaching.

Your Anatomy Teachers


Leslie Kaminoff

Anatomy Teacher
Leslie Kaminoff is an internationally recognised specialist with four decades’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. Your anatomy modules are taught online by Leslie & Amy.

Amy Matthews

Anatomy Teacher
Amy is an international movement teacher, she currently teaches embodied anatomy, developmental movement & yoga workshops for adults in the USA & teaches your online anatomy module.

What will be expected of me?

Our Yoga Alliance Professionals approved 200 hour training will give you the opportunity to study philosophy & teaching skills that you can go on to practice & teach to your future students. A prerequisite of two years of practice is required. Training happens at weekends, once a month, for 9 consecutive months & you graduate in month 10.


Yoga Alliance Professionals, the awarding body, requires 20 hours of non-contact hours as part of your training. You will need to attend studio classes in addition to your training hours & develop a home practice that includes the techniques & practices that we study during the course. The studio classes you attend count as your non-contact hours. You will also be asked to review material, practice teaching friends & family, read & complete writing assignments & homework outside of class.

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