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Your CYTT 200-Hour Syllabus

The syllabus' aim is to bring about the creation of yoga teachers who take their professionalism as seriously as they do their noteworthy class plans. The business of yoga, managing relationships, knowing your financial worth & the teacher-student boundaries are, more than ever before, key components of a successful yoga teacher & their students.

The CYTT course will allow you to develop in your own way, as a non-lineage teacher, who is interdependent, brilliantly creative & who can use yoga to look after yourself first & foremost, then to share your gift respectfully with others. Expect, history, philosophy, anatomy, practicum & a thorough grounding in appropriate asana & pranayama.

Pre-Course Study

Your anatomy module requires 30 hours of pre-course study; it is delivered online by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews – world leaders in their field & the absolute best yoga anatomy teachers of our time. Learn more here.

Module 1 - 30 Hours

The Meaning of Yoga

Yoga Sutras and The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Ethics-Living the Sutras On and Off the Mat

Living your Highest Possible Life / Encouraging others to do the same

Yoga and Religion - Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita & Hinduism

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Module 2 - 50 Hours

Yoga Asana - Alignment, benefits, contraindications

Elements of Yoga Class (Warm-UP, Main Phase, Relaxation)


Meditation, Sound & Mantra


Classification of Poses & Counter Pose

Module 3 - 50 Hours

Principles of Preparation

Principles & Practice of Teaching Yoga

Reading the Room, Languaging


Use of music, setting the scene

Healthy Student/Teacher Boundaries

Setting up a Yoga Business: Niche Teacher or Entrepreneur

Module 4 - 30 Hours

Breath: Prana & Bhandas

Muscle Physiology

The Spine

The Lower Limbs

The Upper Limbs

Asana Analysis

Pain & Sensation

Breath, Asana & Vinyasa

Module 5 - 20 Hours

Practice teaching (Asana/Pranayama), languaging, building confidence, sharing feedback & practice appropriate assisting.

Teaching your own 6 week beginners course.

Module 6 - 20 Hours

Non-Contact Hours include Class & Workshop Attendances, to be signed off by your class teachers.

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