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CY Teacher Training

Become a qualified Yoga teacher on our 200 Hours yoga teacher training.
Held at our Lake View studio, transferrable to live online learning if required, approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited 200-hour Teacher Training

There’s a huge choice of yoga teacher trainings of offer; online & face-to-face have very different costs. As a studio owner, I will always give work to teachers who have taken face-to-face trainings above online trainings.

Moving bodies, understanding anatomy in action, looking after the nervous beginner, keeping safe those prone to pushing, seeing tension in specific body parts, then using words to encourage release & the art of verbal & even manual adjusting all come together to create transformation & progress for the student & that keeps them coming back. All these skills & a million more require the teacher to be more expert than when leading a class online & demoing beginning to end.

Reading the room, connecting with other human beings & holding space for our students to have their own safe experience are face-to-face skills. Of course, online teaching is part of the business now, but yoga teaching requires relationship & connection. Choose wisely!

Autumn 2021 Registration Open

About Us

CY Teacher Training

Lucy Leslie has crafted a syllabus which will enable the creation of teachers who take their professionalism as seriously as they do their noteworthy class plans.


Your CYTT 200-Hour syllabus will cover:

  • Yoga Asana - Alignment, benefits, contraindications
  • Principles & Practice of Teaching Yoga
  • Introductions to Yin & Nidra
  • Pranayama 
  • Meditation, Sound & Mantra
  • Philosophy & History
  • Yoga Anantomy & Physiology

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